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Industrial Design Philosophy – To make Great Products

The Industrial Designers Quest is to make a better product. Exploring ideas for a better way to do it. By improving the existing way or inventing a superior way. Our goal is better functionality. Simpler to use. Great ergonomics. It is about giving the user better performing product.

Technology Products often fail in the market place, because do not deliver ease of use. Development too focus on producing a superior spec. hardware for example. Or they do not understand their customers’ requirements. The Electronics and Software fail to improve the customers experience.

Innovating companies like Apple’s Steve Jobs don’t rely on customer surveys. Apple is inventing new ways to do things, that their customers have not thought of yet. Apple is driven by making their products better.

Great Industrial Design is not just only about Better Functionality. Equally important is the Human Emotional Experience with the Product. This could by a Perfectly Balance Tool in your hand. The Textures, the Tactile experience using the product. Use of texture in the design aesthetics.

Superior Styling is another reason for customer to buy your product. This could by all out beauty. Quality of the materials and finishes. Perfect Proportions to create Class Leading Styling. Better Emotional Response leads to more sales.

See in video below Apple’s Industrial Designers passion for producing a better product. How they seek perfection.

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