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New Industrial Design Possibilities HP 3D Metal Printing.

Will HP Metal Printing Replace Production Die-Casting?

The biggest benefit I see in these new machines over current casting technology. There is

. Die-cast tooling is expensive and time consuming to manufacture the tools. Adds many months to the time to market to make the tools and prove tooling for production.

For the designer there is more freedom and with less manufacturing considerations. For example, no extra cost for holes on any surface at any angle. No draft angles required on surfaces for release from moulds. See Audi car mirror chassis for example. Note the lighting holes and strengthen ribs. Single part replacing multiple Sheetmetal Parts.

HP claim up 50X faster than current Laser Sintering type printers. By using special binders and multi laser printing heads.

HP claim good structural properties for their materials. Range of different metals.

In the HP Metal Jet presentation, they discuss requirements required for Mass Production 3D Printers. Disruptive Technology, Superior Economics and Breakthrough Quality. The superior economics in the value not requiring tooling. Or able to make part that not able manufactured by traditional production methods.

The world runs on metals with Iron been the greatest volume. 43x that Aluminum and at a the 3rd cost.

I leave you with HP with suggesting with this technology you can have multiple materials in the one part in the future. To give different strengths. Ridged and flexible zones in a single part. Opaque and translucent areas in a single 3D Printed Part.

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