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Clients - Industrial Design Brief

Honest, most clients can not provide a specification.

I meet with client and let them talk. Then I have system of questions. From the answers, I am able then to reflect image back to client the product design requirements for varication.

Brief will typically contain,

a) User constraints. How the product is used, by whom, where and when.

b) Results from Market Research.

c) Key Components to be used in the design.

d) Technology platform.

e) Partners.

f) Distribution Model and Markets.

g) Performance specifications.

h) Competitors to Benchmark our solutions against.

i) Build price.

j) Development Budget.

k) Timing.

l) Standards requirements.

I submitted a Proposal in response to the Brief.

I pick thereabouts the 5 most Important Aspects or Problems to be Solved. With client’s agreement we develop Initial Concepts for discussion.

Typical Concept themes are,

1. Feasibility Study of a technical constraint.

2. Improve Functionally.

3. Manufacturing methods.

4. Ergonomics.

5. User Interface.

6. Cost reduction or manufactured costings.

7. Size, weight and shape.

8. Styling and Aesthetics.

9. Branding.

10. Environmental Sustainability / Impact.

The benefits of Design Brief are a clear definition of Requirements, and Goals. Minimizes Risk and states compliance requirements. Allows more accurate Costings for Budgeting. Can be legally binding.

Saves time and money by providing successful outcome.

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