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Design to Next Day Production is Possible. Industrial Designer.

Imagine: Have an Idea - Model Up in CAD - Next Day have Production Quality Part

Computer Aid Design like PTC Pro-Engineer / Creo is a fantastic tool for visualizing and getting the Idea Right. But will your Concept Work in real life?

Then came CAD Simulation Tools to computer to Evaluate Designs before making prototypes. Like FEA, Fatigue, Thermal, Mechanisms, Production Plastic Mouldflow, Rendering, Human Factors (ergonomics). These tools are great allowing more Optimizing of Design. But because Real World is more Complex and some Assumptions you have made may been wrong. You Need a Prototype!

Prototype manufacture can be time consuming. Often Comprises in the design are require for manufacturing the prototypes parts. Hence the Parts are Different to both the Design and Production type parts.

NC Machining process are great solution. Programing takes time, setting machining centers often expensive. 3D Printing is the prefer process for Speed and accuracy. But the 3D Printed Materials are of Poor Mechanical Properties.

Imagine: Have an Idea, Model Up in CAD and Next Day have Production Quality Part.

See Carbon EPX82 Material: EPX 82 is a high-strength engineering material with excellent long-term durability and mechanical properties comparable to lightly glass-filled thermoplastics.

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