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Industrial Design approach to Product Design, compared to Engineer.

The two Disciplines of Industrial Design and Engineering overlap. At Crawley Design we do both to get product that sells well and preforms the task intended.

Industrial Design focus on Innovation in usability and function. Starting with sketches and mockups of design ideas. Mockups used to evaluate the ideas and advance our thinking.

In parallel creative ideas to give the user a positive Sensory Emotion for the product. Using styling, in form, colour and texture. The product Aesthetics to convey the correct imagery and meaning. I call this “the look and feel of the product”. The products personality in align the product category it sells in.

If new type of product or category, we can define the imagery to create positive impression. Like “fit for purpose”, example rugged or advance. Develop the branding too. Typically using Renderings to convey the imagery.

The engineer’s approach is to meet the specification. Therefore, the Engineer starts with Design Brief, of what the product needs to do. Usually the Industrial Designer has defined this. Typical design specification has product performance, cost and life. The engineer’s task is to make the product manufacturable and cost effective. Complete all the documentation for production. Prototypes for design verification. Often using 3D printing or other rapid prototype technologies.

Both disciplines are important to a successful outcome. A successful product.

Concept for a Book Magnifier

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