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Winning Designs through Innovation. Concept Design. Industrial Design/Product Design.

The Goal is to develop ideas that give the product Competitive Advantage in the market place. For example: improving function, appeal, performance and cost.

We evaluate competing products and used this to benchmark our new ideas.

If New type of product, and there are no competitors like in a Startup. From hand sketches we develop mockups to test our ideas. Learning quickly and refining ideas. This can be in CAD or in physical form.

Types of products we develop typically contain electronics, hardware, sensors, displays and require a Human Interface. Made from injection mould plastics (composites), Sheetmetal, Die-Castings, Extrusions and Recycled Materials.

From previse blog about Design Briefs. We are in parallel developing varies aspects to solve key issues. For example,

· Styling and Branding.

· Functionality and ergonomics.

· Performance.

· Customer needs.

· How is manufactured and assembled.

· Product Manufactured Cost.

· Development Options, Costs and funding

· Human emotional appeal.

The first ideas are very loose to stimulate the creative senses. Having number of different approaches stimulates further ideas. We review the ideas with client and gain further intelligence what clients wishes, and dreams are. From the Initial Concept Review, we refine the ideas. Depending on complexity we may have many meetings. Two meetings are typical.

Final Concept Review the ideas and mockups are more refined. We try take best ideas from each aspect we been developing to synchronizing in to an integrated solution. To achieve the best styling, functionally and manufacturing solution.

Winning Industrial Design through Innovation.


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